Local IT Outsourcing

Keep your internal staff focused on your business projects rather than on fixing infrastructure

The organisations we work with are focused on saving money, adding efficiency to their organizations and extending the value and skillset of their employees.

Directions Technology Outsourcing services can reduce the total cost of ownership for your technology environments by up to 20%.

Depending on customer requirements, CIOs can get an SLA on their environment, supported by a team of experts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the same price of a single 8x5 resource.

Directions Technology gives CIOs a skilled group of experts that can deliver on organizational requirements quickly and effectively. Directions Technology Managed Services enable CIOs to reallocate key IT skillsets and improve the business by building new or improving existing processes and systems.

Directions Technology have a range of service offerings including the following:

Desktop Deployments

Virtual DBA

Microsoft Exchange Managed Services

Microsoft SharePoint Managed Services