Fido the dog won’t keep you safe online…

Ok so we’re all guilty of it. Old faithful Fido the family dog becomes your trusted online password for anything and everything. Whether it’s Facebook, Gmail or online banking, you figure that Fido will be just as effective in protecting you online as in your own backyard right? WRONG!

In the online world of identity theft, hacking and scamming, good old Fido just won’t make the cut.

Richard Branson's Most Important Life Lesson

Last month, some of the Directions team were lucky enough to attend the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, a highlight of which was the brilliant guest keynote speaker Sir Richard Branson.

He shared some of his successes and wisdom with the audience including his approach to life and business – “Screw it, let’s do it”. He explained that this philosophy means taking risks, both calculated and controlled but taking decisive action.

Directions Team Continues to Grow

This month, we're pleased to welcome Mitchell Wallace to the Directions Technology team. Mitchell is an experienced IT specialist who has spent several years supporting Education Queensland schools.

He has a strong interest in new technologies and is excited to have the opportunity to learn more about business technologies that can benefit our clients.