Where to now for @BlackBerry?

BlackBerry is hoping that its new software platform and the long awaited Z10 smartphone will help the one-time corporate darling regain its mojo, in a new age of services. After a tough five years which has seen its global market share slip to 4.6 per cent, a tenth of what it had in 2008, BlackBerry is in desperate need for a makeover.

Google Introduces Indoor Mapping

Google has launched indoor maps in Australia allowing users to find their way around inside airports, shopping centres, train stations and other large buildings using their mobile devices.

Australian engineers at firms such as Navisens, CSIRO and UNSW are leading the world in developing advanced indoor navigation technology capable of helping people locate specific products on supermarket shelves, tracking athletes' performance or guiding the visually impaired.

The hackers have come, the hackers have come | Business Spectator

This morning’s revelations in the Financial Review that the Reserve Bank of Australia has been repeatedly hacked means we can almost certainly now add Australia to the list of 141 countries that have been hacked by China’s Unit 61398.


The AFR has reported that multiple computers within the RBA’s network have been compromised and that it had been infiltrated by a Chinese-developed malicious software, or ‘malware’ spy program, that was seeking intelligence on sensitive G20 negotiations.

iPhone 4S users should not upgrade to lastest iOS at this time.

Phone network providers are warning for iPhone 4 users not to upgrade at this time.

The upgrade can used problems with 3G connections and making calls.  iOS 6.1 was released last week.

Our recommendation on any mobile device upgrade is to hold off until you actually need or want the functionality that it provides - especially if the existing version is still working for you.

2013 Here We Come!

We hope you and your family had a fantastic Christmas and New year break. With many people returning to work this week, we’re back at here at Directions for another amazing year!

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for your business throughout 2012.

2012 was a big year for Directions.