What Is a QR Code and Why Do You Need One?

Have you ever wondered about that strange barcode that seems to be popping up everywhere these days? Whether you’re online, flicking through a magazine, getting your junk mail fix, or checking out a billboard, it seems there is no escaping them. Called ‘Quick Response Codes’ (‘QR Codes’ for short), they are actually a type of two dimensional bar code that provides a gateway to a wealth of information.

Seven Super Tips for Keeping Your iPad Secure

With iPad ownership growing, it’s important to get the facts about protecting your information and ensuring that you have an enjoyable user experience. The features that attract users to the iPad such as portability, a simple user interface and super-fast access to information can sadly make it a considerable security risk, with theft or loss being at the top of the list.

Congratulations, You’ve Just Won $12 Million…

… to claim your prize, simply reply with your bank account details and credit card number to verify your identity. You will then receive your prize within 3 working days. Package includes: identity theft, large sums of money being charged to your credit card or withdrawn from your savings account and no knowledge of any fraudulent activity until you’re standing at a Coles checkout with your financial life in ruins.

Don’t Let a Summer Storm Strike You Down!

With the summer storm season well underway, it’s important to get the facts and be prepared for the electrical dangers and challenges that small businesses can face. Although power problems can occur throughout the year, the severe weather of the Australian storm season presents the greatest danger by increasing the incidence of electrical hazards that damage computers, destroy data, diminish productivity and (depending on the severity of the situation) can cause significant financial hardship.

Hackers Target Facebook… Again! How to Stay Safe in 2012

Think Mark Zuckerberg is safe from a hack attack? Think again! Earlier last month, the Chief Executive and President of Facebook was left red faced after approximately 15 photos from his own account made their way to a photo-sharing site under the headline “It’s time to fix those security flaws Facebook”.  The result of a recent code push, this crack in the social media giant’s system affected not only Mr Zuckerberg’s account, but countless others… and it’s certainly not the first time people’s private photos and information have been accessed via hackers on this site.

Phone Porting – New Threat to Online Banking

Online account holders beware! In recent months, Australia has seen the emergence of a very serious new threat to the online banking world called Phone Porting. This sophisticated new scam involves the employment of social engineering techniques by hackers to steal the mobile phone numbers of unknowing victims and intercept their online banking verification codes, with potentially devastating consequences.

Welcome Aboard Kelly!

This month, we’re pleased to welcome a new member to the ever-growing team at Directions Technology. With a strong background in sales and networking, Kelly McMahon brings with her many years of valuable experience. A self-confessed “people person”, Kelly is driven, loves a challenge and as the newest member of our sales team, will be assisting in the growth of our business so that we can continue providing outstanding service to our clients.