Do I need an Administrator account to install MYOB AccountRight?

With the Federal Budget being announced on Tuesday night, I was talking with my CFO clients about their need to upgrade MYOB and a common question kept coming up and that is "Will I need an administrator account in order to install or upgrade MYOB on my computer?" so we did some investigation.

Generally, if you or your users already have MYOB installed on a workstation within your profile then no, you will not need additional admin credentials to install the updated version of MYOB needed to support the changes in the Federal Budget. If you are installing MYOB for the first time, then yes you will probably need an admin account to install the required pre-requisites needed to run MYOB.

To upgrade a point upgrade i.e. 2020.3 of MYOB then simply download the new version and run it (without trying to run as administrator.) This will install MYOB into your user profile and you will be able to run the application from there.

Please contact your account manager or the help desk if you have any further questions or if you run into any problems.